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Lowongan Kerja Maintenance Superintendent Expire : 5 July 2016

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SIXSTAR INDONESIA ,  Lowongan Kerja Maintenance Superintendent Expire : 5 July 2016 , Hi Mas Bro & Sis Lowongan Kerja kali ini ada di  PT Petrosea.Tbk, jadi kalau Mas Bro & Sis ingin mengetahuai lebih detil monggo dilihat ….. info dibawah ini :-)  :-)  :-)

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Penempatan : South Kalimantan

Expire : 5 July 2016

Gambaran Pekerjaan :

  1. Manage and Monitor / Communication for all maintenance work instructions given by supervisors / foreman’s to their direct subordinates, are in a clear and defined manner
  2. Manage and control compliance to weekly and monthly planning, including scheduled work orders, relating to all maintenance tasks set out daily / to help achieve long term maintenance plans and high equipment availability
  3. Manage the Communication and safety awareness at all times and adheres to Petrosea guidelines and regulations. Lead by good example in this area and show high standards of commitment to safety and surrounding environment
  4. Manage Work Order information is processed in accordance with EAM print outs and tasks listed
  5. Review and approve all relevant reporting tasks required in a timely manner, example, review and ensure correct details on work orders and regularly submit to planners for closing, ensure backlog parts are ordered, vendor time sheets and job cards are accurate
  6. Manage failure analysis to plant. By continuous Monitoring of trends and report pending equipment failure for correct planning into backlog, taking immediate action if equipment is unsafe to operate or high potential of major failure occurring
  7. Development of a work schedule including parts, materials and manpower to be incorporated in the short term execution plans
  8. Issuing disciplinary action and verbal counselling with all direct subordinates
  9. Manage area of responsibility with ongoing staff development, providing ongoing coaching, mentoring and performance monitoring for all direct reports, (ensure good work environment and morale)
  10. Proactively identify defects and register them via work requests in order to have an appropriate and prompt action
  11. Diagnose failure symptoms and determine maintenance requirements necessary to effectively and efficiently rectify them
  12. Plan and schedule maintenance so as to prevent catastrophic failure and ensure maintenance is performed in the most cost effective manner
  13. Examine and investigate all time variances from targets projected on work orders, avoiding losses, in both cost and time consumed
  14. Manage PM schedule implementation to ensure all PM scheduled work is completed in accordance with work instructions and schedules
  15. Ensure maintenance events are subject to a root cause analysis and this information is recorded at work order closing time.
  16. Leadership and ownership of the systems within the maintenance function, through implementation and continuous improvement of procedures, when instructed
  17. Coordinate and liaise with the other functional groups to achieve KPI’s
  18. Monitor and manage the manpower levels for all maintenance staff
  19. Assist in the training and mentoring of personnel as required by the Company
  20. Supervise Maintenance Supervisors / foremen activities to ensure work is technically correct and performed in a safe and cost effective manner
  21. Daily interface and interaction with various supervisors within maintenance to successfully coordinate necessary repairs in an effective and efficient manner
  22. Review of PRTS (part ready to ship) and arrange necessary repairs in an effective and efficient manner
  23. Review of tool keeping practices and regular inspections of tool kits issued to all maintenance crews. Reporting any losses and arranging back chargeable items to employees
  24. Assist the Maintenance Planner to minimise exposure to personnel and the environment by identifying hazards and risks during the planning phase of the work packages
  25. Assist in promoting the development of teamwork
  26. Promote and develop an open ethical work environment
  27. Implement all safety procedures, rules and regulations and statutory regulations in accordance with the Safety Management Plan
  28. Ensure attitudes, decisions and work practices of all Supervisory personnel meet or exceed the principles of the Project’s Safety and Health Policy, Safety Management Plan, Environmental Management Plan and Safety Procedures
  29. Participate in incident investigations and review incident reports and recommended remedial actions
  30. Assist the Project Manager in providing a proactive approach to all safety and environmental related issues
  31. Ensure all accident events and costs are recorded in EAM
  32. Participate in safety audits
  33. Lead by example by reporting all hazards and incidents

Persyaratan :

  1. Min. 5 years leadership roles holding supervisor or superintendent positions
  2. Min. Diploma Degree with 10 years or Bachelor Degree with 7 years experiences in maintenance
  3. Experience on both Liebherr and Hitachi model excavator
  4. Extensive background and experience in maintenance of larger excavator fleets
  5. Good analytical and supervisory skill
  6. Possess broad knowledge in heavy equipment maintenance
  7. Demonstrate a good understanding of planned maintenance and backlog management
  8. Good communication in English
  9. Work flexible hours to accommodate job requirements

Kirim lamaran dalam bentuk Ms.Word atau PDF dan tidak lebih dari 350kb,  kirim ke alamat email :

Nah …. sudah gamblang kan Mas Bro & Sis …. kalau cocok monggo langsung di buat lamarannya :-)  :-)  jika perlu sekarang juga jangan sampai ketinggalan 😆  😆  dan semoga suksess ya … Thanks, SIXSTAR INDONESIA

Lowongan Kerja Maintenance Superintendent Expire : 5 July 2016

Lowongan Kerja Tambang




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